Houde Family Farm

Proud Member of the Organic Valley Family of Farms

Our products are always available for pickup at the farm and seasonally available at the Joe’s Brook Farm farmstand in Barnet, VT.

We no longer deliver - all items must be picked up.

All meats are USDA inspected and frozen.

Individual beef cuts vary in price and are available as hamburg, steaks, stew meats and roasts.

Whole or half beef is available for $4.00 per pound hanging weight (approximately 600 pounds whole, 300 pounds for half). This includes cutting and wrapping costs.

“Hanging weight” is the meat hanging on the rails at the butchers. There is some loss due to bone, fat and gristle; anywhere from 25 to 40 percent loss depending on how it is cut (bone-in or not) and how lean the animal is.


Individual cuts are available as breakfast sausage, ham bones, pork chops and bacon.

Whole pigs are available at $4.00 per pound hanging weight which will be approximately 200 pounds (see explanation of hanging weight above).


Products for sale at the farm...


The chickens are free range and are only available for pickup at the farm. They are only available as whole birds, no individual cuts, and average around 5 pounds each.

Eggs are available at the farm and also at the Joe’s Brook Farm farmstand.


Available as individual cuts or by the whole seasonally.

Call us or stop by to check on availability.