The Houde Family Farm

Proud Member of Organic Valley Family of Farms

CSA share memberships run in 4 month increments : March through June, July through October and November through February. Payment is due at the time of signup.


2012 CSA Share prices for each 4 month session based on chosen weight are as follows :

$9.50 per pound for a 5 pound share for a total of $190 for four months ($9.50x5x4)

$8.75 per pound for a 10 pound share for a total of $350 for four months ($8.75x10x4)

$8.75 per pound for a 15 pound share for a total of $525 for four months ($8.75x15x4)

$8.50 per pound for a 20 pound share for a total of $680 for four months ($8.50x20x4)

$8.25 per pound for a 30 pound share for a total of $990 for four months ($8.25x30x4)


The  shares are made up of chicken, veal, pork, lamb and beef consisting of approximately 50% better cuts (steaks, cutlets, hams, bacon, etc) and 50% lesser cuts (hamburger, stew meat). The shares will be different each month. Sometimes it will be more pork, sometimes more veal, etc. We have added the option of choosing whether or not we include veal, lamb, no-nitrates or pork only in your share. Roasts can be requested to be included with any share. We do occasionally purchase beef animals from like minded local farmers to supplement our supply.

CSA shares are delivered once per month to homes in Andover, Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Lexington, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Reading, Somerville, Stoneham, Wakefield, Waltham, Wilmington, Winchester and Woburn in Massachusetts or you can pick them up at the farm. Individual shares are packaged in heavyweight paper bags to help keep the meats frozen during travel to your home once they leave our mobile freezer.

We also sell beef (by the half or whole) and pork (by whole only) when available. All prices are hanging weight and include cutting and wrapping. Hanging weight is the meat hanging on the rails at the butchers. There is some loss due to bone, fat and gristle; anywhere from 25 to 40 percent loss depending on how it is cut (bone-in or not) and how lean the animal is. Prices are as follows :

Beef $4.00 per pound — approximately 600 pounds whole, 300 pounds for half

Pork $4.00 per pound — approximately 200 pounds whole


We take a lot of pride in our animals and think that this is some of the best meat you will ever eat and certainly it is some of the best for you. We try to get the meat cut as close to the delivery date as we can so you get the freshest meat possible.

We are also listed on and

You can buy our meat products through the purchase of a CSA Membership  (CSA shares) or by purchasing either a half or whole animal and specifying the cuts you’d like. We don’t sell individual cuts at this time, however, CSA members can order extra hamburger, stew meat, sausage, Vermont wildflower honey, roasts and goat (when available) to be picked up with your share. All meats are USDA inspected and frozen.

Members can also order maple syrup to be delivered with their shares. We get our syrup from David’s sister, Mary, at Joes Brook Farm.