Houde Family Farm

Proud Member of the Organic Valley Family of Farms

My parents raised 12 children and taught us a good work ethic and a unique appreciation for life. We had to do chores before and after school. My father taught me about raising and caring for animals.

In 1987 I met Tina at her grandparents’ grain store. We married that fall and both worked on the farm. When we had our first child, Tina stayed home to care for the children. In 1989, I had to look for outside work because the farm did not make enough money to support two families. I worked in carpentry for thirteen years while still helping on my parents’ farm as much as possible.

In 2000, they put the farm up for sale and sold the cows and equipment at auction. Greg and Celia Jackmauh bought it a year later with the hopes of returning it to a working farm. The next spring, a friend offered to help us start farming with feed, cattle and even financing. The Jackmauh’s offered us the facilities and many hours of getting the place ready to go back to work.

In 2004, after meeting organic farmers and feeling this practice is more in line with our values and beliefs, we decided to transition to organic. Our first load of organic milk was sent on August 1, 2005.

 Our nine children are a very big part of the farm, as are my brothers and sisters and their families. Greg continues to bring sawdust and help where he can. Celia helps us sell our meats.

We do not believe in or use any unnecessary antibiotics or hormones on our animals. We raise them as it was intended with lots of fresh air and TLC. In the future, we are going to work on building better facilities for the pigs, poultry and steers.

We started out as a conventional farm but did not like the normal practice associated with farming.

In 1976 my parents bought this farm as a conventional dairy farm.